A total of thirty-seven (37) senior high school students of Nagpayong Senior High School ( Batch 1) attended in the opening ceremony of their Work Immersion Program in Eastern Police District Headquarters today at 9:00 AM. “On behalf of our District Director, PBGEN JOHNSON C ALMAZAN, we are delighted to welcome the Senior High School Students to the humble abode of Eastern Police District. For we are honored since it was the first time ever that we are going to orient these students a taste of what a job or work one must possess in order to enter in the police service.” PCOL ERSON U DIGAL, DDDA, EPD said. Dr. Lorna C. Rodriguez, Prinicipal III of Nagpayong Senior High School, expressed her gratitude for EPD in accepting the students to teach and orient them for various police tasks and responsibilities which will eventually prepare them as future police officers someday. The opening ceremony was wrapped up with photo opportunity afterwhich a briefing was conducted to the students who will be rotated to different offices that may require their expertise in the 10-day duration of the immersion program. Work Immersion Program is a DEP ED K-12 initiative that will provide SHS learners with opportunities to become familiar with the workplace, simulate employment, and to apply their competencies in areas of specialization/ applied subjects in actual work environments.###