EPD CaReSKabaro ko, Kalinga ko” is the brainchild of District Director, PCSUPT REYNALDO GUBAN BIAY. It stands for CAre and REformation  Services in terms of Health, Legal, Psychological, Financial and Spiritual Counselling Services. This project extends assistance to personnel who are struggling with issues and stress in their job through holistic approach in making our personnel of sound body and sound mind.
  • DRUM BOAT. An EPD initiative that came about after Typhoon “Ondoy” and Habagat experiences. It is a Search and Rescue Boat made of recycled drums designed to withstand obstacles in raging flood waters such as protruding galvanized roofing and steel fence.
  • Quick Dial Quick Response. Motorcycles will be used by a trained Police Officer to render patrol at the different crime prone areas  to combat Motorcycle Riding Criminals.
  • PNP-LGU / Private-Public Partnership.  An innovative, creative technique that enables a business establishment to raise an alarm and get a fast response from the police in the event that criminal elements have broken in. Business establishment have become vulnerable to criminal acts because of the easy cash these criminals can have. With a look out and a getaway vehicle, robbers always pull a fast one and businessmen and owners of establishments become easy prey. With this laudable and commendable “alarm” business establishment can now be more confident in conducting their business. One notable initiative of this station is the Quick Dial, Quick Response Project. The concept of this initiative is for the police to REACT and RESPOND as QUICKLY as possible if Robbery / Hold-Up incidents arise in establishments registered in this project.
  • Institutionalized DAID / SAID SOTG and ADCO / BADAC Partnership. Resources of private companies in the area paved the way to the construction of the following; PCP 4 office along Shaw Blvd beside SHANGRILA PLAZA MALL; PCP 5 office at May flower St. GREENFIELD DISTRICT ; TMR office –along Shaw Blvd in front of STAR MALL COMPLEX. The maintenance and utility expenses of the said offices are shouldered by the private firm to include the provision of incentives to PNP personnel assigned therein. The constructions of these infrastructures bring significant decrease in crime incidents in the area and enhance positive public perception that police is just within their reach.
  • Operation TARHETA. A fully operational anti-illegal drug unit in the district and station level which shall implement the supply and demand reduction campaign of the PNP against the proliferation of illegal drugs. Chief of Police shall lead their respective City Anti-Drug Abuse Council in the clearing of drug-affected Barangays by focusing on the neutralization of street level drug personalities, but may also act on High Value Targets in coordination with PDEA.
  • Operation BANDILLO. This practice has been effective in informing the public of the contact numbers of San Juan CPS personnel in the event of a crime or an emergency requiring assistance.
An old system of communication still found to be very effective despite the advancement of Information Technology. Each Police Community Precinct (PCP) shall conduct information dissemination in crowded places thru the use of megaphone or Public Address System by exposing the current modus operandi of criminals and/or making the general public aware of the general security situation and other public safety concerns.
Swarm “KUYOG” Technique. A police strategy whereby a great number of police forces on patrol within the City Police Station AOR (Mobile Patrol, Bike Patrol, Foot Patrol etc.) shall respond to a particular place of incidence upon call/report by the Operation Center or by any Patrol Unit that was called upon to respond to an incident, in order to effect the arrest of crime suspects.
A team of bike patrollers (bicycle riders) shall be organized in every Police Stations including DPSB and DHQ. The team will conduct bike patrol in order to increase police visibility in areas frequently visited by people like malls, tourist areas, etc. Biking is also an activity that promotes the physical well-being of our PNP personnel.
Ordinance limiting the speed of twenty kilometers per hour (20 KPH) of motorcycle within Mandaluyong City and allowing only back rider related to the rider within first degree of consanguinity. The ordinance aims to reduce the crimes committed by those riding motorcycles in tandem.
The prime objective of the campaign plan is crime prevention. The EPD aims to open innate awareness to every individual to combat criminality through providing useful information and mobilize them as this is a shared responsibility of the police and the community. Its implementation is being developed into a culture that will serve as a legacy to the next generation that crime is not welcome in our society and will be a great factor for attaining the PNP Vision and Mission.
The project aims to establish and institutionalize the designation of EPD Lady Bike Patrollers in City Police Stations and DPSB who will be deployed to areas with narrow roads like side streets and alleys in order for them to easily pass through to conduct patrol and to respond to any eventualities surreptitiously, likewise they can also be considered tourist oriented police for community order and protection in tourist spots within their respective localities. Furthermore, said program will give emphasis on gender equality and sensitivity which is one of EPD’s primary concerns and objectives.