Police Colonel
Force Commander



Over the years, the Eastern Police District, District Mobile Force Battalion has played a pivotal role in keeping our communities safe from any detrimental threats. Indeed, this unit has begun to review policies and initiatives, and adopt best practices, to achieve a high standard of police performance by developing personnel to their fullest potential, equipping them with necessary skills and capabilities to handle emerging and existing challenges.

The EPD DMFB shall fully endeavor to carry out its mandate in order to attain its vision to be a “dependable, motivated, competent, efficient, responsible, capable, and respected District Mobile Force Battalion supporting the local Police Stations in the Eastern part of Metro Manila.” This inspiration is deeply etched in the hearts and minds of the men and women of the Eastern Police District, District Public Safety Battalion as they strive to provide police services that the community deserves as can be truly proud of.

At present by virtue of MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 2017-063 with subject Restructuring and Strengthening of PNP Mobile Forces, thename of DPSB was changed to District Mobile Force Battalion (DMFB) as its official and authorized nomenclature with all personnel and equipment intact under the direct supervision of administrative and operational function by the force commander.